I'll sing a song of Pele a name to me so dear.
I'll sing it when you're far away, I'll sing it when you're near.
There's really something to a name, don't you care what Shakespeare said,
'Cause every day the name Pele keeps running through my head.

On Martinique there is Pele volcano above the sand.
Pele that plays soccer's a very famous man.
So Pele is a name I know, I'll sing it once again.
The Pele that I'm singing of, was my cat, my friend.

He came to me a kitten when I was sick in bed
He played with me 'til I got well, I can't stand it that he's dead.
I'd like to bring him back to life, but that's too hard to do.
I'll see that he's remembered, I'll sing this song for you.

He had no inhibitions, 'twas his charm and his downfall.
He'd jump up on my shoulder, he'd try to climb the walls.
He'd go wading in my bathtub, I think he thought he'd swim.
But then he wandered to the road and an auto did him in.

I know that there are worse things than for one to lose a cat.
People die and people starve and I could think of that.
Those are more important things, upon which I often dwell.
But now I sing of Pele, a cat I loved so well.

He came to me a kitten...

An epilog for Pi and Lee, the ones still with me here.
Both of them miss Pele, to them he was also dear.
To each of them I sing this song, as days begin anew.
I sing to them, I sing to all, right now I sing to you.

He came to me a kitten...


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