Distance Multimedia: 4 score & more

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Appendix II to

Mainstream Videoconferencing:
A Developer's Guide to Distance Multimedia

by Joe Duran and Charlie Sauer
ISBN 0-201-84747-7 * Paperback * 304 pages * 1997

Appendix II: Web Resources

Last updated March 25, 2007

Products in the videoconferencing industry are changing rapidly, just as in the computer and communications industries, which provide the basis for videoconferencing. Manufacturers and suppliers of videoconferencing equipment, networking vendors, telecommunications companies, standards organizations, and others are likely to be the appropriate sources of "how to" information in this dynamic environment. This appendix, which we intend to update periodically at technologists.com/DuranSauer/AppendixII.html, consists of pointers to many of these sources. Since the URL's for these resources are likely to change, we do not show the URL's in the text below, but assume the reader will find them through the links at technologists.com/DuranSauer/AppendixII.html. The URL's are intended to be videoconferencing specific, but in many cases point to home pages of companies with broader interests. Also, with consolidation of companies, some of the URLs will lead to home pages of acquiring companies. The categories and categorizations are somewhat arbitrary.

General Resources and Standards Organizations

Suppliers of Desktop Videoconferencing Systems and Hardware Components

Suppliers of Group Videoconferencing Systems

Suppliers of Multipoint Control Units

Suppliers of Networking Equipment and Software

Research Organizations and Companies