Installing Dell Unix on 86Box (& VirtualBox)
(with caveats below, 86Box img conversion to vdi for VB is practical)
CHS - December 24, 2021

netinst.tar.gz files nominally in /home/netinstall on NFS 3 server
boot.img boot first diskette
system.img base install diskette
inet.img network diskette
inet.jpg example network install screen

Warning - 86Manage seems no longer reliable with most recent Windows 10

Warning - 86Box networking seems even less reliable with most recent Windows 10.
          In so far as possible, avoid depending on 86Box networking.

Configuring 86Box VM
   Machine: [486 ISA] AMI 486 clone CPU: Pentium OverDrive/83 Memory: 32MB 
            Enable FPU & Dynamic Recompiler
   Display: [ISA] Tseng ET4000AX
   Input: Microsoft Serial Mouse (on COM1)
   Network: PCap & [ISA] Western Digital WD8013EBT Addr 300 IRQ 10 RAM CC00
   Ports: Serial Port 1
   Hard Disks: 5120MB IDE 0:0 
   Floppy Drives: 3.5 1.44 (optional 5.25 1.2M)

   Disk C: type 47 10402/16/63 C/H/S 
   Drive A: 1.44
   Drive B: 1.2

SVR4 install from NFS 3 server containing the files in netinst.tar
starts with diskette images, boot.img, system.img and inet.img, and proceeds as
originally intended. See inet.jpg. Total install time should be about 6 hours, 
including all the optional packages, e.g.,
   mount -f nfs /mnt
   pkgadd -d /mnt/netinstall all > pkgadd.out 2> pkgadd.err

Warning - SVR4 installations with extra FAT partition first do not seem bootable in
VirtualBox. Also, partitions larger than 5G may not be bootable.

Warning: MERGE doesn't seem to work with FAT partitions other than first one
Warning: SVR4 doesn't seem to boot in VirtualBox if it is not the first partition
Warning: SVR4 doesn't seem to mount ufs filesystems from second disk under
         VirtualBox (but does seem to mount them ok under 86Box)
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